{Manila newborn photographer} Andrei Bennet

Andrei Bennet, 12 days old

Seems like August is a month for baby boys.  Fondly called Little Ben by his parents, Andrei Bennet was my third newborn baby boy for August.

Another beautiful baby boy with squishy cheeks. A bit fussy in the beginning, he would resist being posed.  He needed a lot of comforting and cuddling to settle down.  But we had an easy time shooting by the time he fell asleep.

Newborn pants & bonnet were hand knitted by me.

IMG_7839bw IMG_7846 lilac IMG_7851 IMG_7877 IMG_7911 IMG_7956 IMG_7984 IMG_8003 IMG_8036 IMG_8059 IMG_8101 IMG_8121 IMG_8140 IMG_8162 IMG_8257











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