When should I schedule a newborn session?

Planning ahead is important so please book your session while you are still pregnant.  Photographing your newborn while they’re still sleepy & curled up can make all the the difference in your newborn portraits.  The best time for photographing newborns is between 6-10 days old.  Schedule your newborn sessions early as I am booked weeks in advance.

If your baby is born by the time you discovered me, don’t fret.  Babies for up to 3 weeks can still be photographed beautifully.  I’ll try my best to squeeze sessions into our schedule.

How long will your session take?

Your session can take any where from 4-6 hours (or more), allowing enough time for feeding and comforting.

Where is your studio?

My home studio is located in Mandaluyong City.  My studio is designed with newborns and new parents & babies in mind.  It has a homey feel where parents can kick off their shoes,  relax and rest as we work on your newborns.  Snacks & treats are available for little ones, & relaxing tea for moms & dads.

My studio can accommodate natural light for those lifefstyle-y shots. I have since switched to using studio lights. I know some parents are concerned about using flash or studio lights on their babies. The studio lights I used is low powered just like the ones used by Master newborn photographers in the US, Canada and Australia. They are diffused and give soft burst of light. They simulate window light. Studio lights give a more cohesive and consistent look everytime.

What should baby wear?

Newborn babies are best photographed naked but they can also be swaddled.  I have a collection of organic & handmade knits & wraps that we can use.  My studio & props are sanitized,  blankets, drops, wraps are washed after each session.

What happens at the pre-session consultation?

This is the time where we talk about what we can do  to create an ideal session for you.  We will talk about the overall look of your images from the choice of clothes, color & space on your wall in your home, your personal style so we can plan something that really fits you.  This is also the time for you to show me your vision, pegs for how you want your images to be.  We will also discuss about preparing for your session.

When do I get to see images?

A week after your session, I will set an online proof gallery of the best images culled from your session where you can view & select your final images.  This will be available online for a week only. Please note that the images are unedited.  Your selected final images will only then be post processed and prepared for printing.  Quality takes time, please allow 15 BUSINESS days for your order to be completed.  Custom designed photo books and large prints takes longer time.  

 Why do I need to choose package with prints?

I like to believe I am creating a work of art with your portraits, especially with your newborn & baby milestone sessions.   With that being said, I’d like your prints to last a lifetime, an heirloom. Digital files are just data that can easily gets corrupted, deleted or gets lost. Prints are forever. Investing in a professionally printed photographs ensures that your memories are preserved.

 Why do I need to get prints from you? Can I just have it printed elsewhere?

My Newborn Lite package offers only digital files, for those on a tight budget. But, it is strongly recommended to order prints from us at a later time when budget allows. All our prints are printed using the best premium ink on LINEN paper using a Professional Commercial Printer that is COLOR MANAGED specifically to my computer. If you (the Client) print elsewhere, correct color cannot be guaranteed and the Client assumes all risks associated with printing somewhere else. My computer screen is color calibrated on a monthly basis.




When is the best time to schedule a maternity session?

It is best to book your maternity session in advance.  Best time is when you are at 32nd-35th week of pregnancy.  Wardrobe & makeup is not included in the package. Though I already have a few maternity wardrobes in my collection. But I am more than happy to recommend a stylist and make up artist.

When is the best time to schedule a milestone session?

Milestone sessions are meant to capture babies at the time when they reach their milestone stages –  (1) at 4 months when they can lie on their tummies and hold up their heads, (2) between 6-8 months  when they can sit up unassisted, (3) at 11 months when they can stand (with or without support).  6-8 months is the best stage to have a session. 

Baby plan is available for parents who want to book all 3 sessions at a special price.

Can I have a monthly photo session for my baby?

Yes you can!  I would love to see your little one grow.  Please email me for a quotation.

Should you have more questions, kindly include them in the message box in the CONTACT link of this website.